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Rebuilding Together relies on volunteers of all skill levels to complete critical repairs for our neighbors in need. Click here to fill out our volunteer interest form.

When can I join Rebuilding Together South Sound at a volunteer project?

National Rebuilding Day is our annual volunteer event hosted on the last Saturday of April. We leverage the skills and knowledge of trusted contractors with the energy of hundreds of volunteers from our sponsor companies and community organizations to complete home repair projects for 25 of our neighbors in need. Volunteer sign up for National Rebuilding Day is open from late February to March 31st every year. Priority spots go to sponsor company volunteers.

We also host monthly [Re]Builds from February through November, typically on a Saturday. These projects tend to be smaller, targeted repairs through our Safe at Home program and are great projects to join if you would like to build your construction skills. We welcome skilled contractors to complete projects on their own schedule or new sponsor teams to contact us to create a great team building event on a day that works for you.

Sign ups for our monthly [Re]Builds are ongoing. Ideally, volunteers are signed up 3 weeks before the start of a project so that we can plan to have you on site.
If you're a skilled contractor, please sign up here.
If you're a general [Re]Builder, please sign up here.


Project Focus



Valentines with Veterans

Saturday before Valentine's Day



2nd Saturday in March


National Rebuilding Day

Last Saturday in April


Rebuilding Day Punch List

Saturday after Mother's Day


Rebuilding Day Punch List

2nd to last Saturday in June



2nd to last Saturday in July


AmeriCorps Orientation

Early August


9/11 Remembrance

9/11 or Saturday After



Last Saturday in October


Veteran's Day

Saturday before or after Veteran's Day

Why volunteer with Rebuilding Together South Sound?

Joining us to ensure safe homes and communities for every person means joining a whole crew of people working towards the same goal. We call ourselves [Re]Builders. You'll learn new skills or share what you know with others. You'll make connections with neighbors and coworkers you didn't anticipate. You'll learn more about your community and help make it a better place for everyone to live. We think some of our [Re]Builders say it best; here's what they have to say.

"I am a [Re]Builder because it is a great way to connect with our neighbors. Not everyone has the means to maintain their homes, but everyone has a story. Through Rebuilding Together, we are better able to learn these stories and engage in the communities we live in."
Tam Nguyen
"It is an endurably gratifying and humbling experience to spend a day or two doing a simple repair or improvement and to witness the enormous impact that this simple act has for someone with less means or experience than me. My investment of a few hours changes the lives of my neighbors for days, months, and years of their lives. I do this because it takes very little from me to make an enormous difference for someone else."
Andy Sharp 
“Being a [Re]Builder means strengthening our community and our community’s infrastructure through acts of service. I am a [Re]Builder because I believe enjoying and having safe access all parts of one’s home should be a standard in our region, and I, along with my company are able to give back to the community that gives so much to us.”
Caitlin Durston

What should I expect when I volunteer with Rebuilding Together South Sound?

Have fun, be safe, learn a new skill, and (most of all) make a difference for a neighbor in need! 

You can expect to get an email ahead of the project day with the site address, basic information about the homeowner, and the scope of work. Most projects kick off at 8 AM and last until 4 or 5 PM. We ask volunteers to arrive a little before 8 to get checked in, throw on their new I Am A [Re]Builder shirt, and enjoy some coffee while we talk about the work we'll be completing that day.

If you have tools, it's a great idea to label them with your name and bring them along with you. The House Captain will talk through the project, assign tasks, and get you started. Lunch is typically provided around noon. It's always great to connect with the homeowner if you have a few minutes to chat and say hello!

Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Email our office at volunteer@rebuildingtogetherss.org or call 253-238-0977 and we'll do our best to assist you!

Join us as a [Re]Builder today!