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Overwhelmed with home repairs? You've come to the right place.

Rebuilding Together is working to ensure safe homes and communities for everyone. Download our homeowner application to mail into our office, program flyer for more information, or keep reading to find out if you meet our eligiblity guidelines.

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You meet our basic qualifications if you... 

  • Live in the home you own that is located anywhere in Pierce County or the cities of Federal Way and Auburn,
  • Are up to date on the mortgage and property taxes at your home,
  • Your household qualifies as low-income,
  • Someone in your home is a senior, a person with a disability, or a child under the age of 18.

How do Rebuilding Together South Sound's Programs Work?

Once we receive your complete application, our staff and volunteers will schedule a comprehensive assessment of repairs needed at your home. Following the assessment, applications selected for repair services will be accepted into one of our core programs:

National Rebuilding Day
 Projects are typically moderate in scale with a mix of repair work and interior/exterior clean up. The projects can engage 10-30+ volunteers per project.
Repairs will occur on or around the last Saturday of April.
Safe @ Home
Projects are critical health and safety repairs and range from small improvements like grab bars to work complete by subcontractors.
Projects are completed by Rebuilding Together South Sound construction team, subcontractors, or skilled volunteers.
Repairs are completed throughout the year.

Consideration is given first to households that have not yet received any services from our organization, as well as seniors, persons with disabilities, and families with children who are unable to make their own repairs and who have no able-bodied family members to assist them. All our services are provided at no cost to the homeowner. The amount of repair work completed is based on funding availability and organization capacity. An application is not a guarantee of services.

Income Eligibility

To determine if you are income eligible, add up all the income sources for every adult living in your home before taxes, health insurance, garnishments, or other deductions are taken out. Compare that amount to the table below for your household size. Your income is eligible if your total gross household income is below the amount for your household size.

Income Guidelines Effective May 2024 - April 2025:

Household Size
(adults and children)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Maximum Gross
Monthly Income
  $3,379     $3,863     $4,346     $4,825     $5,213     $5,600     $5,983  


What does gross household income mean?

  • Total income before taxes and deductions like health insurance premiums are taken out.
  • Income from all adults ages 18 and over living in your house, including any renters. 
  • Every source of income including salaries, pensions/annuities, income/dividends, SSI/SSDI, and rent payments, even if the income source is non-taxable (VA Pension).
  • Adults receiving no income will need to complete some additional paperwork. If this applies to anyone in your home, please download the Delcaration of Zero Income form to include with your application as well as the ESD Self-Request for Records form

What Repairs Will Be Considered?

Priority repairs have a direct benefit to the health and safety of your household. Following are examples of common projects:

  • Build deck, stairs, and ramps
  • Repair/replace hot water heaters
  • Repair minor to moderate plumbing leaks
  • Repair/replace broken windows, doors, and locks
  • Repair/replace heating system
  • Repair minor electrical hazards
  • Install grab bars, handheld shower wands
  • Install accessible products (comfort height toilet, lever handles)

Other projects may be considered on a case by case basis. Please call us with questions about specific or include information in your application. 

Rebuilding Together South Sound is limited in the type of work we can complete based on funding and volunteer availability. Large projects like roofing, painting, or major landscaping are primarily considered for our National Rebuilding Day program. Some large projects like septic repair/replacement are outside of our program parameters.

Rebuilding Together South Sound is only allowed to work on single family homes, duplexes, and mobile homes. Condos, townhomes, and other types of multi-family housing are not within our scope of work.

Rebuilding Together South Sound does not do structural repairs such as foundations, framing, new construction, or room additions. We also may not be able to work on projects that include repairing work that was done without proper permits. At this time, Rebuilding Together South Sound does not have funding to replace roofs on mobile or manufactured homes. We only have limited ability to repair minor leaks on them.

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