Strengthening Neighborhoods Program

Our Strengthening Neighborhoods Program began as Neighborhood Makeover Week in 2011 as a part of the City of Tacoma’s Safe, Clean & Attractive initiative. Now called Strengthening Neighborhoods, the program is about residents and volunteers strengthening Tacoma neighborhoods. This is done by building connections, introducing residents to city and community services, increasing housing stability, beautifying properties and engaging residents.

Since 2011, this program has invested over $60,000 in strengthening Tacoma neighborhoods several blocks at a time. Our work focuses on providing education and resources around home and yard maintenance, engaging a neighborhood in a beautification project on the last Saturday in April, and celebrating what’s best about Tacoma. Strengthening Neighborhoods has completed projects in the South End, South Tacoma, First Creek, Hilltop, and Lincoln neighborhoods. We look forward to another project in the Fern Hill District April 2018.