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The sooner you commit to home repair sponsorship, the sooner we can match your group with a project at your requested level of challenge, size, and location.

Repair sponsors usually (but not always) have a team of volunteers planning to repair a home for National Rebuilding Day. If your group has a volunteer team, your first task is choosing a House Captain who will serve as the project manager and a Volunteer Coordinator who will work with the House Captain to organize the work plan and volunteers, as well as coordinate with our office for logistical support. If your group doesn’t have a House Captain or Volunteer Coordinator, we will find an experienced volunteer to help you.

The House Captain inspects the project site, plans the scope of work, establishes a relationship with the client, ensures the necessary materials and supplies are on hand and within budget. The Volunteer Coordinator coordinates the volunteers to ensure a fun, safe and successful Rebuilding Day work experience.

In addition to the satisfaction and fun of sponsoring a house, your organization will be recognized in our newsletter and on our website. Click on the links below for more information on our current sponsorship levels and to apply.

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