On behalf of our organization, we would like to thank all of you who attended the 10th Annual No Place Like Home Dinner Auction. Your contribution, and the contributions of others like you, go a long way to supporting our mission to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners. From the depths of our hearts, we thank you for your generosity. As a donor to our organization, you’re a part of something with meaning, you’re a part of our community. You helped us raise $55,000 on Saturday night, which translates into more than $220,000 worth of work for our neighbors.

Thank you!

If you happen to also be handy and would like to volunteer with us to physically make necessary repairs for our homeowners, please email Rachel Lehr at rlehr@rebuildingtogetherss.org.

Again, thank you.

Amy R. Hoyte, Executive Director