Rebuilding Day Program

Many of our home repair projects are completed on National Rebuilding Day, an annual event held the last Saturday in April. Rebuilding Day 2019 will be  Saturday, April 27th.  Throughout the year we prepare to address the repair needs of our applicants on this day. We visit qualified homes and start planning for the work day in April when all the repairs are done. Our House Captains work with builders to plan the work that will be done, what materials are required, and who will work on the team. Our amazing volunteers can do all kinds of repairs, from plumbing, electrical, and carpentry, to repairing roofs, windows, and flooring.

On Rebuilding Day everyone comes together. The homeowners and the volunteer crews roll up their sleeves and get to work! A large crew and a full day can transform a home.

National Rebuilding Month

Rebuilding Day

Print An Application

Fill out Online, Print and Mail In  *option will be available soon*


• Own your home;

• Be low-income and fall within our  2019 Income Guidelines

• Reside in our service area of Pierce County, Federal Way, and Auburn;

• Be elderly, a person with a disability, or a family with children.

To see photos from past Rebuilding Day projects, visit our Facebook page.